a-cappella singing in the Scottish Borders


Singing in a choir – what a great way to exercise the brain and the body, and meet other like-minded people – both singers and audiences.


Formed in 2007, we area group of local singers who decided we wanted to sing the ever widening a-cappella repertoire – choral music without accompaniment – and along the way have a go at everything from plainsong and polyphony to pop.

In 2016 we have a thirty-two voice choir plus a poet and an actor, helping lots of local charities with fund raising concerts, singing at weddings and other private events and appearing as guests with other local music makers – and making a lot of friends into the bargain!


Choir members hail from all corners of Berwickshire as well as further afield in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland. We meet on Tuesday evenings, usually in Eccles, north of Coldstream - choristers, guests, apprentices and visitors. 


What did we sound like in 2010?

The Celtic Benediction

Explore our website. Come and hear us in concert or rehearsal, where you can talk to any of us if you want to know more. Enjoy the sound we make.